Why You Should Only Trust A Professional Atlanta Pet Sitting Service To Care For Your Pets

Professional Atlanta Pet Sitting

When it comes to hiring a pet sitter or dog walker, you have lots of options. 

You can hire the neighbor’s kid to do it. You can ask your friends and family members to do it. You can even use an online listing site like Rover.com or Craigslist.org to find someone local. 

These are the options many of our current clients try out before they come to us. Nothing beats the peace of mind you get with a professional pet sitter or dog walker. Here’s why you shouldn’t settle for anything less.

Because You Don’t Want To Write Yet Another Pet Sitting Horror Story

There’s too many incidences of pet sitters not showing up for days, losing dogs on walks, forgetting to close gates, or even purposely abusing pets. 

When you hire a pet sitter or dog walker through an online site, especially Facebook classifieds or Craigslist, you may be hiring someone who has not been background checked, whose only record of their reputation is their star ratings. 

Professional pet sitters are reliable, responsible, and experienced. Best of all, pet sitting is usually their sole occupation – they’re completely devoted to the care of your pets, and will happily go beyond the scope of the job to keep your pets safe and happy. 

For All Of Those “What Ifs”

A professional Atlanta pet sitter is trained to handle emergencies. At our Meet-N-Greet, we’ll discuss what we do in case we need to take your pet to the veterinarian if they are having a medical emergency. 

We also are prepared to handle home emergencies. Check out this client testimonial for just one example of how we deal with anything that comes our way:

Cutie Paws is fantastic! Heather has been looking after our house and dog for two years now. She loves animals and they love her.  She is extremely dependable.  Last February, we were on vacation, when a 100 year old oak tree fell on our house.  Our neighbor called her and she rushed over to first grab our dog and take to her own home for safety, then she called me to ask what I needed her to do.  She found our insurance papers, got our valuables out of the home, etc.  I don’t know what we would have done or do without her! – K. H., Buckhead

Because Your Family And Friends Are Dodging Your Calls

Some of your family and friends love your pets, and won’t mind an opportunity to hang out with them when you’re not home. But pet sitting is a lot of work, and your go-to casual pet sitters may not always be willing to drop everything to visit your pets.

Then, there’s the awkward payment situation: you want to pay whoever sits your pets for their work, but you may not feel comfortable discussing rates with your friends.

Let’s face it. Having your friends and family members take care of your pets can become really awkward! 

Because Your Pets Love Making New Friends

During your Meet-N-Greet, your professional pet sitter will start to get to know your pet at their own pace. We understand the need for patience when it comes to giving shy and anxious animals time to get to know us at their own pace. 

We do our best to match your pets with a sitter that they love, and make sure they are available to visit them whenever you need us. There’s always someone available to take care of your pets, so you’ll never have to cancel your plans because you can’t find a pet sitter. 

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